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Welcome - You are at the right place!

We offer our customers technical solutions and comprehensive administrative support throughout Europe. Customer needs are at the center of our considerations, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Our services


Do you need to rethink the flow of materials or personnel on your site?
Do you need to adapt one of your industrial tools to comply with new regulations?
Logistics is not your core business but part of the services you offer and wish to improve?

GAIA Conseils can help you with different methods.

Expert reports

Do you need a second opinion on a remediation dossier?
Are you short of time and/or staff to analyse and format environmental statistics?
Would you like to set up an analytical tool to be reused every year?

GAIA Conseils offers solutions tailored to your needs.


Need a specialist to help you optimise and reduce your waste production?
At a dead end when it comes to the administrative management imposed by regulations?
Need to improve the skills of your teams?

GAIA Conseils can help you with workshops created just for you.

They trust us


Our strengths for your projects


Our strengths: 

  • act as a catalyst to help you find the best solutions 

  • acting as a coordinator to help you devise the best concept 

  • to federate multi-disciplinary teams 


Our objectives:

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Local solutions


Our strengths:

  • we give you the benefit of our experience 

  • we put you in touch with our network 

  • we deliver results and/or share a method 

Our objectives:

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Our strengths: 

  • pass on our experience to you with passion 

  • Motivating you to become agents of change

  • providing you with tools to make your day-to-day life easier


Our objectives:

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Skills transfer
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