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But what is the situation regarding PET recycling in Switzerland?

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PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycling in Switzerland is highly developed and efficient, making the country one of the world leaders in recycling this type of plastic. Here are some key points to consider:

High recycling rate: Switzerland has one of the highest PET recycling rates in the world! The well-organised collection system and public awareness play a decisive role in this success.

Collection system: The country has a dense network of collection points for PET bottles, which facilitates their recycling. These collection points are often located in public places, supermarkets and other commercial locations.

Government support and private initiatives: PET recycling in Switzerland is supported by government agencies and promoted by private companies. Initiatives and programmes are regularly launched to promote recycling and reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.

PET recycling: ¨PET-Recycling¨ is a key organisation for the management and recycling of PET bottles in Switzerland. It plays a central role in achieving the high recycling rates for which Switzerland is known.

Here are some important points about PET recycling in Switzerland:

Mission and goals

The main objective of PET Recycling Switzerland is to promote and facilitate the recycling of PET bottles throughout the country. The organisation aims to ensure that PET bottles are collected, sorted and recycled efficiently in order to minimise the environmental impact of plastic and promote the circular economy.

  • Closed-loop recycling: PET recycled in Switzerland is often used to produce new PET bottles, illustrating the principle of the circular economy. This reduces dependence on new resources and minimises the carbon footprint associated with the production of new plastics.
  • Technological innovations: Switzerland is investing in advanced technologies to improve the PET recycling process. These technologies enable more efficient separation and recycling of PET bottles while maintaining the quality of the recycled plastic.
  • Education and awareness-raising: Efforts to promote PET recycling also include education and awareness-raising campaigns to encourage good environmental practices among the population.
  • Challenges and opportunities: Despite its success, the PET recycling system in Switzerland faces challenges, particularly in terms of increasing recycling capacity and dealing with imported plastic waste. There is also room for improvement, such as the increased use of recycled PET in products other than bottles.

To summarise, PET recycling in Switzerland is an example of effective plastic waste management made possible by an extensive collection system, advanced recycling technologies, government support, private sector involvement and strong public awareness.

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