Over the last 5 years, GAIA Conseils has worked on several occasions for divisions of the FOEN, acquiring experience and expertise in the fields of exporting and importing special waste, as well as in the various aspects of the OCRCS.

GAIA Conseils can therefore support you with an external expert opinion on a case relating to waste management or site remediation.
This service covers several areas.


  • Rough analysis: Depending on the scope of the contract, the first step is to determine in advance which reports are relevant and necessary for the successful execution of the contract.
  • Checking the chemical analyses of the waste and the acceptance parameters of the disposal centres.
  • Weight control: types and quantities of waste entering the treatment centre (analysis of inputs and outputs), assessment of the overall balance of quantities.
  • Verification: control process determining if the requirements of the various regulations are met.
  • Financial and cost analysis of the disposal.

Projects may be confined to Switzerland, but GAIA Conseils’ international experience means it can also support you with international projects (export/import of waste).

Die Dossiers können sich auf die Schweiz beschränken; aufgrund ihrer internationalen Erfahrung kann GAIA Conseils Sie aber auch bei internationalen Dossiers (Export/Import von Abfällen) unterstützen.

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