GAIA Conseils likes to share its expertise on the various waste and safety issues or to help you define your strategic priorities through workshops.

Your employees are the most valuable asset. GAIA Conseils can tailor its training experience to your teams’ needs:

  • For waste: identifying, classifying, and packaging waste, checking treatment methods and channels,
  • Setting up a call for tenders: contacting purchasers and transporters,
  • Preparing import and export notification files or processing applications for waste imports and exports.

These training sessions, courses and workshops are designed to enhance your employees’ skills and expertise on a wide range of topics, including waste recycling, hazardous waste, waste classification, notifications, logistics and storage concepts, etc.

These courses entitle you to a one year’s access to the articles section of GAIA Conseils, where you can find a wealth of information and ask your questions.

GAIA Conseils offers trainings on safety at work for companies taking responsibility for the safety of their employees. To do this, GAIA Conseils draws on the company’s existing requirement profiles and various certifications.

GAIA Conseils ensures that the safety points are understood and can be put into practice in accordance with the state of the art.

This takes the form of

  • Updating of requirement profiles,
  • Training and coaching with role play.

If you want to review and redefine your business strategy, your environmental strategy or your priorities, GAIA Conseils can offer you a workshop over several days where employees are integrated and involved in the change process.

It is not necessary to involve all employees in every stage of the process, but the aim remains to have them actively participate in the change.

These workshops can be offered to both industrial and public sector clients.

Examples of workshops held to date:

  • For the FOEN: reflection on the eBGS (electronic consignment note).
  • For manufacturers :

implementation of standardised waste management (pharmaceutical industry),

improving economic flexibility thanks to a solid commercial base,

defining strategy, including strategic goals and sub-goals.

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