How can we win against the PFAS challenge?

The problem of contamination by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has become increasingly important across Europe, including in countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. These chemicals, often referred to as “perpetual chemicals” due to their longevity in the environment and resistance to degradation, are associated with various health risks and environmental problems. […]

Recycling phosphorus – Are you familiar with the FOEN website and this report published online by the FOEN?

Online1 you will find the latest updated information and a very interesting report from EBP2. 1 2 Our latest articles on this subject: Phosphorus is essential to both human life and agriculture. It is a key component of DNA, cells and bones, as well as an essential nutrient for plant growth, which is […]

PFAS, an issue?

Do you know the regulations in Switzerland? We accompany you! Switzerland, like many other countries, has begun to address the regulation of PFAS1 (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). Switzerland’s approach to regulating PFAS involves several government agencies and ordinances and may have evolved since then. Here are some key points about the regulatory system for PFAS […]

CH vs EU Regulations on Phosphorus Recycling

Phosphorus is an essential element for all living organisms and plays a critical role in various biological processes. However, the overuse and mismanagement of phosphorus resources can lead to environmental pollution and scarcity concerns. One prominent source of phosphorus is the sludge generated in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Both Switzerland and the broader European Union […]

Export of wastes? – We know how!!!

The export and import regulations for waste in Switzerland are governed by international agreements and Swiss legislation. An important agreement in this context is the Basel Convention, which regulates the control and transboundary management of hazardous waste. Switzerland is a party to the Basel Convention1. 1Our last post In Switzerland, the Federal Office for the […]

Recycling phosphorus

Recycling phosphorus in sludge is an important step in sustainable waste management and environmental protection. Phosphorus is a critical nutrient for plant growth and is commonly found in wastewater treatment sludge. Here are some methods to recycle phosphorus in sludge: Phosphorus Recovery Technologies Several technologies are available for extracting phosphorus from sludge. These methods typically […]

The export of waste in Europe

…is subject to various regulations and restrictions designed to manage and control the movement of waste materials across borders. The European Union had specific directives and regulations in place to govern the export and disposal of waste within its member states. The key regulations and principles related to the export of waste in Europe included: […]